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About Firelinx

David Russell dedicated over 30 years to being a research engineer, wireless expert, and embedded system designer. Around 2004, while discussing fireworks with colleagues, David realized that the architecture was wrong.

Previous generations of firing systems used producer-consumer architecture configuration. However, this wasn’t the best scenario if you wanted to go wireless. David’s thought process brought him to design and patent what’s now called a Distributed Processing Architecture, which is the main feature and functionality of Firelinx.

The Distributed Processing Architecture works the following way. You have the Command Module and all Firing Modules, each firing module is loaded with the show, wirelessly, and operates independently after having been fed all details from the Command Module. The show downloads and the synchronization steps all happen pre-show when timing and reliability are less critical due to low radio frequency in the environment.

The wireless communication system is just used for synchronization and safety, and not for firing. This breakthrough was granted a US patent allowing the system to be called “Reliable Wireless” – synchronization of modules which allow for independent firing.

After two years of engineering and development, Firelinx Generation 1 was launched to the market and sold out by 2011. In the same year, Firelinx was asked to assist Birket Engineering, Inc., creators of several ride and show safety systems at theme parks, in solving safety issues with pyrotechnic shows at theme parks.

The engineering analysis of the current pyrotechnic systems found 18 different mechanisms where the existing firing system at that time could accidentally fire a shell. Having identified the cause of the problem, Firelinx advised the theme park that they would need a new firing system. The theme park approved production of Firelinx Generation 2, which would be sold exclusively to theme parks around the world.

However, David had a vision of selling a safe fireworks firing system to backyard enthusiasts. Due to the the power, exclusivity and cost of Generation 2, David came up with the concept of Firelinx Generation 3.

Firelinx Generation 3

The Firelinx Generation 3 firing system is designed to utilize all of the power and software developed ​from Generation 2 but physically designed with a more affordable case that allows for competitive pricing for commercial pyros of all kinds. After two years of development and 750,000 lines of code, Generation 3 is now available.

Exceeding standards

Today, Firelinx Generation 3 is the only system that meets the new, more safety-critical pyrotechnic standards of one of the largest theme parks in the world. It is currently being installed in several new attractions across the world. All that power is now available to commercial pyrotechnicians.
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