Glenn Birket
Managing Director, Firelinx +
President/Owner Birket Engineering

Having acquired Firelinx in 2011, Glenn had been serving the theme park entertainment industry since 1984. With an emphasis on safety by providing control systems for rides & shows, specialty lighting products, and pyrotechnic controls such as Firelinx. Before founding Birket Engineering, Glenn was a project engineer at Walt Disney Imagineering responsible for design and commissioning of the stage control systems at Epcot’s American Pavilion, as well as redesigned components of Disney’s animation control system.

David Russell
Principal Research & Development Engineer

Prior to his role at Birket Engineering, David dedicated over 30 years to being a research engineer, wireless, and embedded system designer. It wasn’t until 2006 that the first generation of Firelinx was introduced to the pyrotechnic industry and sold out immediately. In 2011, Birket Engineering purchased Firelinx and brought David along with him to lead the project. Ever since David has continued to support and design our next generations of pyrotechnic controllers and other Research and Development projects at Birket.

Cory Russell
Senior Embedded


Before joining the Firelinx team at Birket Engineering, Cory spent the majority of his professional career working in the software programming industry with a focus on cryptography design, embedded software/firmware design, and PCB design. Cory helped design an entire pyrotechnic control system that set the industry standard for safety, later to become known as Firelinx. He now leads the development team building Firelinx and other Research and Development projects at Birket.

Alexander Sowa
Director of Operations

Alexander’s previous work experience has helped him exceed expectations and successfully lead the Firelinx team as Director of Operations. He has managed, designed, and installed custom control systems for the top theme parks in the world at Birket Engineering. Similar to Firelinx, these custom control systems focus on thrilling life-safety applications. In the past, Alexander worked as an Electrician and Project Manager for residential and commercial new construction, remodeling, and solar array projects. His work experience has provided a unique perspective to the Firelinx team.

Andrea Angel
Director of Marketing

Andrea comes from a marketing agency where she held the position of digital positioning and social media manager. Andrea assisted in delivering quality websites, online advertising, email marketing, reputation management, and social media marketing solutions. With a background in the legal profession, Andrea transitioned to a role at a marketing and tourism bureau, where she developed the digital marketing skills and experience that have made her a vital part of the Firelinx team.

Maggie Hays
Production Coordinator

Maggie has previous experience as a 3D designer drafter
in the aquaponics and gas turbine generator fields. Her earlier background encompasses engineering documentation and defense contract electro-mechanical assembly. Maggie has contributed to the mechanical design, and prototype assembly of Firelinx products, and design and assembly of other projects, she maintains much of the documentation and drawings as well as sourcing parts and manages inventory.

Yang “Vivian” Hui
Product Manager

Vivian has over 10 years of experience working in supply chain resource development and purchasing; she also has several years of experience in PCBA production-manufacturing and management. She’s been working in the electronics field since she began her career starting with the production of mobile phones, toys, and entertainment facilities, among others. With years of industry experience, Vivian is an essential part of the Firelinx team, helping to optimize costs and shorten the production time to improve efficiency.

Suvrat Jain
Embedded Systems Engineer

Suvrat joined Birket Engineering and the Firelinx team as a University of Central Florida intern, with previous internship experience at Universal Creative and Praxsoft Inc. Suvrat’s skill sets are software development and PCB design and is now a full-time embedded systems engineer at Birket and is an essential team member to Firelinx.

Brendon Warner
Electronics Technician

Brendon has an extensive background in media and theatrical production in both technical and artistic fields. Currently, Brendon is in the process of completing his degree in Electrical Engineering, his skills and experience help bring an artistic vision to help grow Firelinx from both internal design and media creation.