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What do the different LED colors mean?

Green – Safe mode – not armed Red – Armed mode – ready to fire Blue – Continuity test – no shots are detected Magenta – Continuity test – one or more shots are detected Yellow – Continuity test – no current flowing through firing pins If yellow  occurs, please contact Firelinx at Yellow/Red flashing – System is either arming, …

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What distance should there be between repeaters?

If the link quality (LQ) on the mods falls to about 40%, then you will need to add a repeater mod. But you’ll want to use as few as possible as each one you add increases the bandwidth usage.

How do I use 2Wire?

Our 2Wire connection is designed to be used with any wire that you have laying around (scab wire, multiple conductor, stranded, etc), 2Wire and wireless can be used at the same time as a failsafe, but not necessary. On our modules, you will see 2Wire connectors that can be either inputs or outputs on the …

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