Firing Module


Firelinx’s Generation 3 featuring 24-Shot Firing Module launches pyrotechnics and utilizes Firelinx’s patented reliable wireless technology and 2-wire communications depending on the needs of the show. Choreography is uploaded on each module to fire individually, taking the radio out of the loop and solving the communication problem.

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    • All modules utilize Firelinx’s patented reliable wireless technology, 2-wire, or both at the same time.
    • All choreography is locally stored on each firing module, minimizing radio frequency clutter during showtime
    • Independent pin switching – no common ground or shared output
    • Graphical user interface on an OLED display with better contrast, higher brightness, and lower power consumption
    • With 24-shot firing capability with the option to add an OPN32 card and expand to 56 shots per Firing Module



    • CrewSafe™ field and local continuity testing
    • Environmentally hardened from -40C to +60C
    • Designed for either temporary or permanent shows
    • Can function as a wireless or wired repeater
    • OPN – the Command and Firing Modules have OPN bus expansion slots allowing for additional functionality and user functions to be added
    • LiPo batteries included with a run time of up to 65 hours- and the ability of adding a second battery for twice the run time
    • Firing modules available in 24-channel and open pyro network (OPN) expansion card to allow for connections to slats/rails
    • Capable of running off wireless, 2-wire, or both at the same time
    • External power connector
    • Supercapacitor firing power
    • Software Safety Interlocks prevent rogue software
    • 500 events per module
    • 2-wire case use standard 24ga firing wire up to 2000 feet per connection
    • Price per cue $19.79 ($10.60/cue with OPN32 expansion card installed)
Firing Module

Additional information

Weight 4.75 lbs
Dimensions 16.3 × 12.2 × 4.2 in
What's in the Box

The Firing module comes with:

– Antenna
– Charger power supply

Module dimensions

10.7 x 8 x 2 1/8 in


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