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The Firelinx FM-24 firing module features 24-channels utilizing Firelinx’s patent Reliable Wireless technology and offers Freedom® 2Wire communication. The FM-24 comes with the capability of storing your show choreography directly in each FM-24 module. This removes all delay and latency from firing because the radio is taken out of the firing transmission during your show.

Firelinx Generation 3 is a culmination of 10 years of research and development. Utilizing major advances from Gen 1 and Gen 2, but with a sleeker exterior, more affordable electronics design, and impeccable safety features.

  • Firelinx patented Reliable Wireless plus Freedom® 2Wire Communications at the same time
  • CREWSAFE™ local continuity test
  • OPN (Open Pyro Network) Flexibility
  • Powerful CPU eliminating the use of radio communication between command and firing modules to run the show
  • Fire SMPTE, Manual Script, and Manual Channel Firing all at the SAME time
  • Additional option to add an OPN-32 expansion card (postponed due to parts shortage)
  • Firelinx patented Reliable Wireless plus Freedom® 2Wire Communications at the same time. Freedom® 2Wire can use common 20-24 gauge firing wire, it doesn’t matter what the +/- line polarity is, and you can use Star or Daisy-chain connections or both. The wired connection is good for over 4000’ (1200m) per connection. The next connection is powered again each time it goes out. You can use all wired or all wireless or wire a section such as the main pyro battery then use wireless where necessary.
  • The firing script is loaded and shot directly by the FM’s onboard computer, with no radio delays or latency. 
  • Super-Capacitor Bank storage of the firing power so all 24 shots can fire at the same time. Systems that fire directly off a battery may only be able to power about 7 simultaneous channels.
  • In an industry first, Firelinx has designed a Hardware/Software Interlock Protocol (HSIP) that prevents rogue code from accidentally firing a shot.
  • Graphical User Interface for easy operation.
  • Open Pyro Network (OPN) Add-On card support. If you can dream it, you can shoot it. 
  • The battery level and Link Quality (LQ is the percentage of packets making it through the spectrum. This is a much more informative measure than just signal strength) may be viewed on the module or from the module status page in the Command Module.
  • 1/1000 of second firing accuracy with no RF delays.
  • Fire anything, anywhere, anytime. No restrictions. Up to 500 timed events can be loaded in each module allowing multiple shots per channel for products other than pyro.
  • Wireless repeater configurations are settable by the user so that the minimum number of repeaters will be using up valuable RF spectrum. Too many repeaters lead to more RF traffic and more dropped shots in traditional systems. 
  • Separate High-Speed Processor for precise 0.001-second shooting, freeing up the radio module to just be a radio module. Proprietary alterations to the radio’s Mesh Network reduce the cross-talk between modules and allows for hundreds of modules without additional delays and lost shots caused by the traditional mesh network protocols.
  • Compatible as a 24- or 56-channel firing module with an OPN32 expansion card. (in development)
  • Water-Resistant Case with Molecular Sieve (often called Gore-Tex) vent to equalize pressure in the case during rain, hot days, and cooler nights without allowing water molecules to enter the case. 
  • Built-in LiPo battery and charger included. For extra power, an optional second battery can be installed. Normal battery life is 24 hours between charges. Once the FM Arms, battery voltage is transferred to the Super-Capacitor Bank which then holds all power necessary to fire all 24 channels even all 24 at the same time.
  • Local continuity test display.
  • LED Test Lights available for rehearsal shoots. 
  • Independent pin switching. No common grounds or shared outputs. Others claim independent switching but are actually switching a common ground line. This allows for unsafe wiring errors which are not caught in other systems. While a switched common ground meets the letter of NFPA regulations, it does not meet the recommended specifications. 
  • Field Replaceable on-board connectors.
  • No key is required for module power-on. Channel selection can be made at the module or all module RF channels may be changed automatically by the Command Module (see Command Module).
  • Each FM has a unique address so that you can easily sort out continuity issues, but there are scripting shortcuts that still allow you to do a front of any number of modules with the same firing sequence without going through the hassles of scripting.
  • Each FM must be “Joined” to a particular Command Module, all other CMs in the area will be ignored.
  • Automotive Grade Intelligent Switches prevent “glitches” on the firing lines common with Field Effect Transistors (FETs) when used in firing circuits.
  • CREWSAFE™ high safety continuity test circuit for local and remote testing.
  • No Single Point of Failure (SPF). Special SEPIC power converter prevents firing power from ever being present in the firing circuits when not armed. Without this, a module may be only one component failure away from accidentally firing a shell.
  • Bluetooth communications included for specialized future enhancements.
  • The system is designed for permanent installations or temporary shows.
Weight 4.65 lbs
Dimensions 16.75 x 12.25 x 4.25 in.

– SKU # FIRE-FM24-01
– Display: 64 x 128 OLED
– Temperature: -20C to +60C
– Radio Module, part number: RF220SU, 2.4GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
– Bluetooth module, Bluetooth-serial-HC-06
– Antenna frequency and Type N connector for higher reliability
– 12.5VDC Firing Voltage at 1A per channel. This allows for 6 standard E-Matches in series and 2 in parallel
– Three sets of Freedom® 2Wire binding post-type connectors.
– 7.4V 2500mAH Lithium Polymer battery internal.
– Recharge power supply 9V to 12VDC at 2A.
– External power connector, part number: PJ-011A, 5.1 mm barrel style.
– AES-128 encryption of all RF signals.
– US Patent #7,493,859 “System and Method for Zero Latency Distributed Processing of Timed Pyrotechnic Events” Reliable
Wireless compatibility.
– Patent, Pending Zero Latency synchronization technology compatible.
– Patent, Pending Negotiated Repeater Algorithm compatible.

Module Dimensions

10.7 x 8 x 1.125 in (27.1 x 20.3 x 5.4 cm)

What's in the Box

The Firing module comes with:

– Antenna
– Charger/Power supply

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