OPN Ethernet


As part of the Open Pyro Network series of circuit boards, the OPN-E provides Ethernet connectivity (POE) between the Command Module (CM) and all other Firing Modules. This is primarily intended for use in any permanent or semi-permanent installations such as theme parks and stage venues where power and Ethernet connectivity is available.

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With the OPN-E installed in a Command Module, an external system may control the CMunder an OPREG protocol (OK, Prepare, Ready, Enable, Go). The external system may query for show parameters such as continuity testing, and fire in SMPTE, Internal timing, or Manual firing modes. Firing modules equipped with the OPN-E communicate with the CM just as with the wired or wireless communication channels, and in fact, the different modes of communication may be all be used at the same time affording additional reliability in the event of a failure of a switch or cable.

While the MAC address of each OPN-E card is set to a unique ID at the factory, the IP address, gateway, and subnet masks can be modified on each module by pressing the OPN button. The system recognizes the type of OPN card installed and provides the appropriate user interface components.

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 6 in.
Technical Specifications

– Class 4 POE+
– 100Mbit rate only

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