Protective Case


Firelinx waterproof and crush-proof protective case for either Command or Firing Modules.

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Firelinx waterproof protective case for your Command or Firing Module. Our protective case includes foam inserts, customizable for the module purchased, bulkhead cable, a 2.4 GHz antenna, and a dust cap.

Weight 6.06 lbs
Dimensions 17.38 x 12.78 x 6.875 in.


Protective Case
-IP65 rated water tight and dust proof
-Pick and pull foam insert
-Adjustable pressure relief valve
-8" long N female bulkhead on LMR195UF Ultra flex cable with N right angel male connector Cap
-Threaded metal protective cap on chain with bail to keep cap from getting lost Antenna
-13.37" long 2.4 GHz 7dBi N-Male high performance flexible rubber duck with tilt swivel design

Internal Dimensions

14.94 x 10.56 x 6.69 in

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