Protective Case


Firelinx waterproof and crush-proof protective case for either Command or Firing Modules.

Firelinx waterproof protective case for your Command or Firing Module. Our protective case includes foam inserts, customizable for the module purchased, bulkhead cable, a 2.4 GHz antenna, and a dust cap.

Weight 6.06 lbs
Dimensions 17.38 x 12.78 x 6.875 in.


Protective Case
-IP65 rated water tight and dust proof
-Pick and pull foam insert
-Adjustable pressure relief valve

-8" long N female bulkhead on LMR195UF Ultra flex cable with N right angel male connector

-Threaded metal protective cap on chain with bail to keep cap from getting lost

-13.37" long 2.4 GHz 7dBi N-Male high performance flexible rubber duck with tilt swivel design

Internal Dimensions

14.94 x 10.56 x 6.69 in

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