Safety – Fireworks Firing Systems

I bet you’re like most everybody else, “I’ve been a pyro for years, I know how to be safe! “.  That’s ok, but let’s make sure we’re truly as safe as we can be!   It is very important to understand the basics to electrical circuits, amps, volts and grounding to even begin to understand safety concerns in electrical firing.

Before I forget, check out David Russell’s paper on Issues in Firing System Safety 110927.

Let me offer some quick points to research about the system you’re currently using or thinking about using. Just these three points alone are critical, but yes, Firelinx handles at least 21….

  1. Are your firing circuits isolated from your continuity circuits?

  2. Are your pyro pins (wiring terminals) isolated from each other and switched independently from one another (No shared grounds)?

  3. Does the system have fail safes? Redundant safety on all components?

Safety is a non negotiable, it’s paramount to be the priority in our industry. Please, stay safe and let us help you get there!

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