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Learn how to fully utilize Firelinx.

How to setup Firelinx Firing System

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to setup your Firelinx Firing System. We’ll unbox the system and show you how to initially setup your Command and Firing modules.

How to connect your modules using Freedom® 2Wire

Firelinx provides Freedom® 2Wire to connect your modules, 2Wire and radio can be used at the same time. It’s not necessary, but it’s a good failsafe in case one of the wires breaks. We like to call it Freedom 2Wire because we’ve taken care of all problems and errors commonly found in 2wire systems. You don’t have to remember which side of the wire was red or black, and you can wire them in Star or Daisy Chain setups.

How to select a Wireless Channel on Firelinx

There are two options for setting your wireless channel; if you know what the wireless spectrum looks like in your area you can change the channel manually. But if you don’t know, you can use Firelinx’s spectrum analyzer which determines the best Radio Frequency (RF) channel in your area.

How to Create a Show File

On this episode we’ll teach you how to create your own show file. I think 75% of the support calls and emails we receive are “how do I create my own show file?” Although it’s quite simple, for some it’s a daunting task and prefer to reach out to us. But all you need is a .CSV file!

How to load your show file

In this tutorial, you will learn how to upload show files on to the Firelinx Command and Firing Modules. With our modules, you can fire manual shows, SMPTE timecode, and Script .csv show files.

Checking Continuity on your Firelinx Firing System

On this episode we’ll be discussing how to run a continuity test on the Firelinx system. Firelinx CREWSAFE™ local continuity test allows you to go through your firing modules to look for errors or to check for continuity while pinning. Let’s watch and learn more about Firelinx Continuity!

Manual Firing with your Firelinx Firing System

On this episode, we’ll be showing you how to fire a manual show using your Firelinx.

How to use Firelinx's Stealth Mode

Firelinx modules come with bright LEDs that make them extremely visible on the field and allows you to determine their status. If you don’t want the audience to be distracted by them during your show, you can enable Stealth mode and make them invisible. But remember, never enable Stealth mode while your crew is out in the field!

Replacing or adding a battery to your Firelinx modules

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to replace and add a battery on your firing modules, and how to replace a battery on your command module.

Replacing Spring Terminals on your Firelinx Firing Modules

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to properly replace the spring terminals on your Firelinx Firing Modules. To purchase replacement spring terminals, please visit our website.

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