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Simple Show Template

Firelinx works hand-in-hand with Finale 3D where you can create your show and upload it to our mods. But if you’re not familiar with Finale 3D or have access to it you don’t have to worry. With our simple, 1 or 3 mod show templates, you can follow step-by-step and fill in the information according to your show.

These Short Form Blank templates provide you with pre-filled columns indicating what information is needed. It’s very important not to change this information, if you do, you’ll receive an error message when uploading to the Command Module. When you’re ready to upload your show file onto a USB, make sure to save it as a .CSV file in order to upload it onto the Command Module.

To learn more about how to create a choreographed show, read through Choreography on our website to get a comprehensive understanding of how to create the perfect show. You can also watch our YouTube training videos to learn more.

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