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Firelinx CM-64 Command Module designed to give pyrotechnic professionals control over the field, show, and performance. Its OLED graphical user interface (GUI) makes it user-friendly in any environment. The Firelinx Command Module is your device for controlling all of the automation & safety features of the network. Runs on wireless and Freedom® 2Wire communication.

Firelinx Generation 3 is a culmination of 10 years of research and development. Utilizing major advances from Gen 1 and Gen 2, but with a sleeker exterior, more affordable electronics design, and impeccable safety features.

The CM-64 Command Module uses Firelinx’s patented reliable wireless mesh (US Patent #7,493,859) networking which provides safety level synchronization to your pyrotechnic shows and more.

  • Capable of firing SMPTE, Manual Script, and Manual Channel firing ALL at the same time
  • Powerful CPU for firing – radio module is only used for communication 
  • Controls up to 999 Firing Modules
  • Wireless Wizard Function – Auto detects the best wireless channel in your area
  • Capable of running off Wireless, 2Wire, or both at the same time
  • Clear Guns function – fires everything leftover after a show, if needed
  • Supports E-matches, Talon Igniters + Safety Matches (MJG Firewire Initiator) (Match Type)
  • Supports Firelinx Double-Shot
    • The Command Module is capable of firing Automatic SMPTE – timed shows, Auto-Fired scripted shows with manual timing, and simple step firing, all three at the same time. You can start your main scripted show with SMPTE and switch to scripts of any size that you launch from the FIRE button while the SMPTE script is still running. Even while both of those are running, you can scroll over to any module and step fire at any time. No other controller in the industry offers this power and flexibility.
    • Graphical User Interface for easy operation.
    • Built-in LiPo battery and charger included. For extra power, an optional second battery can be installed. Normal battery life is 8 hours between charges.
    • Bluetooth communications included for specialized future enhancements.
    • The CM controls two banks of 32 channels with an easy-to-use 32 channel keypad and shift key. The status of each shot is displayed by LED adjacent to the key.
    • Each module in the system has high visibility LED indicators built into the case so that the pyrotechnician in charge and personnel anywhere on or near the field also know the exact state of the system. Green means safe. Red means Armed. These indicators are usually visible up to 2000’ (600m) away, and often all of the modules can be viewed at a glance. For stage shows or if you want to hide the modules from the audience, a Stealth Mode function turns all of the indicators off.
    • From the GUI screen you can see for each module (1) the module ID number, (2) if the module is getting and responding to heartbeats, (3), if the CM is synchronized with the module (4) if the module is armed (5) if the module is currently firing or has fired (6) if the module is connected (7), the module’s battery level (8), the module’s current Link Quality (LQ), and (9) the choreography show file is loaded.
    • Firing scripts can be constructed from Finale Fireworks, Microsoft Excel, or any other system that can produce .CSV files.
    • Group Firing – Assign any module(s) to a group (up to 63 unique groups possible) to fire their channels simultaneously without needing to write a script for it.  Any number of modules can be assigned to the same group.
    • SMPTE input can be tested on the Command Module pre-show and before the system is Armed to ensure it’s properly connected and adjusted before showtime.
    • The firing script is automatically downloaded into each Firing Module, such as the FM, and then synchronized to within 1/1000th of a second. Firelinx is the only wireless system in the industry that has this patented capability.
    • Fire anything, anywhere, anytime. No restrictions. The CM handles up to 999 modules and almost 60,000 timed cues for 407,379 E-Matches.
    • Clear Guns function fires everything that might be left. After checking several times that you really want to do this, of course. No “San Diego Effect” here.
    • The Wireless Wizard function searches for the best (least-used) channel and automatically changes all of the field modules to the new RF Channel, when joined.
    • The spectrum might be radically different between morning setup and showtime. The Wizard makes retesting and changing the setting fast and simple.
    • Firelinx provides our patented Reliable Wireless plus Freedom 2Wire® Communications at the same time. Freedom 2Wire® can use common 20-24 gauge firing wire, it doesn’t matter what the +/- line polarity is, and you can use Star or Daisy-chain connections or both. The wired connection is good for over 4000’ (1200m) per connection.  The next connection is powered again each time it goes out. You can use all wired or all wireless or wire a section such as the main pyro battery then use wireless where necessary. For the Belt-and-Suspenders pyro, you can use both at the same time. If a wire gets stepped on or breaks, the wireless immediately takes over. If the wireless is interrupted, the 2-wire takes over.
    • Wireless repeater configurations are settable by the user so that the minimum number of repeaters will be using up valuable RF spectrum.
    • Open Pyro Network Ethernet (OPNE) Add-On card for communicating with wired networks.
    • Separate High-Speed Processor for precise 0.001-second shooting, freeing up the radio module to just be a radio. Proprietary alterations to the radio’s Mesh Network reduce the cross-talk between modules and allows for hundreds of modules without additional delays and lost shots caused by the traditional mesh network protocols.
    • Groups of events can be assigned a Caliber Number (1-32) so that a group may be enabled or disabled during show execution. The groups can be named so they are easier to remember while running the show.
    • Water-Resistant Case with Molecular Sieve vent (often called Gore-Tex) to equalize pressure in the case during rain, hot days, and cool nights without allowing water molecules to enter the case. Even “waterproof” cases can allow water ingress if this pressure is not equalized.
    • The system is designed for permanent installations or temporary shows. A rack-mount version is available.
    • The CM comes standard with Antenna, LiPo battery, and charger power supply.
Weight 3.95 lbs
Dimensions 16.75 x 12.25 x 4.25 in.

– SKU # FIRE-CM64-01
– Display: 64 x 128 OLED
– Temperature: -20C to +60C
– Radio Module, part number: RF220SU, 2.4GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
– Bluetooth module, Bluetooth-serial-HC-06
– Antenna frequency Type N connector for higher reliability
– Two sets of Freedom® 2Wire binding post-type connectors.
– 7.4V 2500mAH Lithium Polymer battery internal. The standard run time of the single battery pack is 8 hours
– Recharge power supply 9V to 12VDC at 2A
– External power connector, part number: PJ-011A, is 5.1 mm barrel-style
– AES-128 encryption of all RF signals
– US Patent #7,493,859 “System and Method for Zero Latency Distributed Processing of Timed Pyrotechnic Events” Reliable Wireless compatibility
– US Patent, #11,265,835 Low Skew Synchronization of Disparate Wireless Nodes in a Pyrotechnic Environment
– Patent, Pending Negotiated Repeater Algorithm compatible

Module dimensions

9.4 x 6.7 x 2 in (24 x 17 x 5 cm)

What's in the Box

The Command module comes with:

– Arming key
– Antenna
– Charger/Power supply
– Operators Manual

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