From field displays to theme park shows, beginners to experts, and standard shows to custom shows, Firelinx has you safely covered! Firelinx is the only product that meets and exceeds the suggestions in the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 1126 Standard for the use of Pyrotechnics. Firelinx is the most technologically advanced and easy to use firing system ever imagined. It is the culmination of ten years of research and development backed by a commitment to customer service. Firelinx represents an evolutionary leap in all the factors that matter to you: power, simplicity, safety, reliability, and of course, wireless freedom!

Slide SAFETY Did you know that there are many common ways in which traditional firing systems could fire unintentionally? Most of the systems available in the market today only address 2 or 3 safety concerns. SAFETY . We took the 18 most common ways the traditional firing system could fire unintentionally and solved all of them!

Firelinx is 9 zero safe, which means the probability of unintentional firing is less than 1 in a 1,000,000,000

Slide RELIABILITY US Patent #7,493,859 Firelinx stores all data at each end node rather than on-the-fly transmission (patent listed above). Furthermore, Firelinx’s Mesh Network uses its own proprietary (patent pending) Carrier Sense Triangulation (CST) algorithms allowing for safe and stable wireless. These features enable Firelinx to have the lowest radio frequency (RF) footprint available at show time, allowing for greater stability and control while always maintaining safety.

Slide FLEXIBILITY The OPN (Open Pyro Network) expansion cards can be used to extend the 24-channel firing module to 56 shots, input/output DMX, or control the system with a microcontroller. We'll be launching the Firelinx Audio Module which will allow audio to be controlled from the Command Module. Coming early 2022. With Firelinx in your show, there’s countless possibilities… your imagination is the limit! LEARN MORE ABOUT THE OPN CARD widgets developer_board

Slide THEME PARKS Firelinx is seen as the World’s Safest Digital firing System out of the box. Without “Wrap Around” systems or added controls, we exceed just about every safety requirement imagined. We even offer wired Ethernet based systems for your permanent installation! THEME PARKS Are you looking for third party endorsements on safety? Ask us about Functional Safety. Sit back, leave Firelinx in charge...
and Seize the Night!

Slide AWARD-WINNER Firelinx Generation 1 wireless control system was the recipient of the Best Debuting Special Effects product award at LDI2011.