From field displays to theme park shows, beginners to experts, and standard shows to custom shows, Firelinx has you safely covered!

Firelinx supports Reliable Wireless Technology and Freedom 2Wire® at the same time…

Only Firelinx Firing Systems downloads the scripts to the firing modules so they can fire with no latency or RF drop-outs. 2Wire assures reliable shows every time in any conditions.


Firelinx is the most technologically advanced and easy to use e-firing system…

Fire anything, anywhere, anytime. Up to 999 modules. No lamp cord, XLR cables, or complex power and radio addons. It is the culmination of ten years of research and development backed by a commitment to customer service.


Firelinx represents an evolutionary leap in all the factors that matter to you…

Power, simplicity, safety, reliability, and of course, wireless freedom!

With Firelinx you’ll get more of what you need:

Why Firelinx?


US Patent #7,493,859

Firelinx stores all data at each end node rather than on-the-fly transmission (patent listed above). Furthermore, Firelinx’s Mesh Network uses its own proprietary (patent pending) Carrier Sense Triangulation (CST) algorithms allowing for safe and stable wireless. These features enable Firelinx to have the lowest radio frequency (RF) footprint available at show time, allowing for greater stability and control while always maintaining safety.


Did you know that there are many common ways in which traditional firing systems could fire unintentionally?

Most of the systems available in the market today only address 2 or 3 safety concerns.

We took the 18 most common ways the traditional firing system could fire unintentionally and solved all of them! Firelinx is 9 zero safe, which means the probability of unintentional firing is less than 1 in a 1,000,000,000.


With Firelinx in your show, there’s countless possibilities… your imagination is the limit!

Wired or wireless? You choose. With Firelinx firing systems patented communication algorithm you can set up your shows to match the show location or venue. All wired, all wireless, or mix it up! Challenge us with your most creative setups.

And, with the OPNE expansion card, wired ethernet communication is yet another choice to take your shows to the next level.


What’s Finale 3D?

Finale 3D is a real-time simulation pyrotechnic show simulator suite that fully supports Firelinx Firing Systems.

With features that empower you to design interactively, such as audio editing, inventory management, rack layouts, and configurable reports and labels.

Finale 3D is available in three different versions, Lite, Hobbyist, and Pro. All licenses are available for one year for per computer. Additional users can be purchased separately.

You can try out their Lite version, for free in demo mode. Or you can start a 14-day free trial and test out all the features Finale 3D has to offer.

What’s FWsim?

FWsim was created for anyone who’s interested in pyrotechnics. It’s easy-to-use fireworks visualization and show design software, helps take your creativity to the next level.

With features that allow you to work offline, live price calculation, camera animations, DMX flamejets, and drone show import and visualization. You can take a tour of all the features they have to offer by visiting their website.

FWsim offers three plans, Basic, Creative, and Pro. One for every type of pyro. Each plan allows for two computers. For additional users, contact FWsim.

You can test out their Hobbyist or Pro free trails too.

Theme Parks

Firelinx is regarded as the industry’s safest digital firing system out of the box. In theme park installations, we can meet or exceed just about every safety requirement imaginable.

We even offer wired Ethernet based systems for your permanent installation! Are you looking for third party endorsements on safety? Ask us about Functional Safety.


Firelinx Generation 2 wireless control system was the recipient of the Best Debuting Special Effects product award at LDI2011.

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