How many e-matches can be used per firing pin and should I connect in series vs. parallel?

We STRONGLY recommend only connecting one e-match per pin. You can connect up to three in series, but you run the risk of not firing all. If the first e-match fires first there’s no current running through the rest of the e-matches. Every 175 feet you can drop one e-match, the furthest distance is then dropping 2 e-matches worth of wire leaving one match to fire, equalling 350 feet. We highly recommend not pinning e-matches in series.

We’ve tested about 1000 feet between modules. When wiring e-matches, one end goes into the firing pin and then goes to one wire on the next e-match. The second wire on the second e-match then goes to the only remaining firing pin on the mod or to the next e-match.

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